Pros and cons of metal roofing

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Pros and cons of metal roofing


We already spoke about green and sustainable roofing options here on GlideHome, and we mostly focused on purely green and solar roofs that provide direct energy from the environment. Solar and green roof technologies are, at the moment, the best of what market offers that has a label of eco-friendly. However, many other roofing options are just as environmentally responsible and beneficial that are neglected. Living sustainably does not have to mean buying the most expensive solar array or a wind generator. There are a bunch of eco-friendly features for your home that is also helpful. However, it is true that roof plays a major role in the overall energy efficiency of your home.

One of the most underrated roofing systems is metal roofing. Metal roofing has been used for centuries, and it is still leading roofing option in the commercial roofing.  There are numerous reasons why. Metal brings a bunch of benefits to a homeowner that decides to install it. However, only a few property owners indeed consider metal roofing. That is because metal is mostly used on ugly commercial buildings so people aren’t even aware of the possibility that metal could be their roofing material.

Thanks to the green movement, more and more people are considering various roofing options that help save energy and do not harm the environment. Metal is one of them as it offers superb protection and energy savings. The fundamental properties depend on the type of metal you choose for your roof. You can install copper, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, basic steel, etc. Each metal has its own properties. For example,  copper is the oldest metal in use. It is high-end material, and as such, it is very expensive. However, it truly provides your home with high protection, and it ages to perfection. Aluminum and steel cost less but also have great properties that help you save energy.


Energy efficiency

If you are wondering how metal can help your home be energy efficient, stay with us.

Conventional roofing materials  (like asphalt) absorb the heat from the sun. That causes overheating of your basement and home in general. Except for deterioration of the roof deck, the heat also requires more air conditioning.  Constant air conditioning causes high costs of electricity you have to deal with monthly.

Metal does the complete opposite. Instead of trapping the heat and making your home an oven, metal is reflective. Reflective surface means the heat won’t be absorbed but re-emitted to the atmosphere again. Therefore, your home will not demand air conditioning, and you will save energy and money.  The metal roof is not cheap but compared to other sustainable roofing materials; it is the most affordable eco-friendly material. According to Max owner of Lawrenceville roofing company, for the price you pay, you get long lasting roofing system, a durable roof that is able to withstand almost all weather conditions and energy efficient properties that help you save energy.

Your money will be quickly recouped through energy savings, so give metal a chance and be surprised!