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By insulating your roof save some energy and money…

As you know Glidehome tries to give you the best green and eco-friendly solutions that are still in the frame of a typical budget and are accessible to the majority of people.  Our whole team tries to come up with new ideas to help you have amazing looking home and save some money on the way. Acording to David, a roofing contractor Atlanta, one of the probably most neglected topics in the green building is the roof insulation.

Many homeowners are not even aware of the effect that roof insulation has. First of all it is quite an easy process, and some parts of insulation can be even done by you. Secondly, it is an effective way of saving energy. You are probably not aware of this fact but around 30 percent of energy goes through your roof. That means that you basically throw away perfectly usable energy that you will also pay higher bills for. Roof insulation could help you save a big amount of money and you just don’t even know it. That is why we decided to introduce you to roof insulation and everything there is to know related to that. So, keep reading and find out how you can make your home more energy efficient!


Energy is money

Time is money, we are aware of that, but energy is money as well! If you reduce the amount of energy that is lost through your roof, you are automatically cutting the prices of your bills. The sum of money that you can save by insulating your home is different from each house and it depends on the size and the type of your house and roofing system.

Be careful of your type of roof

While insulation is a relatively easy process, there are still some things you should take care of before installing it. The biggest problem you should deal with is the type of roof you have.  If you have a pitched roof then you will have more options for insulating and if you are the owner of a flat roof, then your contractor will face some challenges. But everything can be achieved!

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Types of insulation

As we just said, a pitched roof is the best for insulating. If you are a homeowner with that roofing type then you can choose between having a cold or warm loft. A cold loft is a process in which you can insulate right away above the ceiling of the highest story. This way, no heat could get inside your loft. On the other hand, a warm loft is when you insulate under the roof itself. This way your loft will be warm.

Prices of insulating

Prices of insulation can, of course, vary.  There are some options for insulations that are relatively cheap and some that are higher in price. Some insulation can be even done if you engage in doing so as well. DIY projects can be an excellent way to save money. However, it could be a better idea to call a professional, especially if you have a bigger roof surface. The cheaper insulating option is the cool loft option. You can do it yourself or call someone to do it for you. A warm loft is more complicated and higher in price. However, it performs better and can last you a long time.

No matter which insulation you decide to install, make sure you do! It will do a great thing to your bank account and nature as well!