Three factors when buidling a new roof

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Three factors when buidling a new roof

If you are building a house, having a good solid foundations can make up for some mistakes later on. But as we continue building our home, we have to pick a roofing option as well, although to an amateur eye that might seem like a simple process but picking the correct styles can be a bit difficult. Below you will find some of the most common roofing types and styles that we at Glidehome like to use when building houses.

In order to have the best roofing for your home you should keep in mind three categories:

  1. Roof styles

Depending on the area in which you live, there are several different styles that provide shelter from the specific weather conditions. Alongside, that, a good roofing system has to house internal elements as well like piping, ventilation and insulation. Therefore there are several types or roof.

  • Gabel roof is a type of roof a kid would draw in their drawings, it is shaped like inverted letter V and it is quite common across the US. But it isn’t best suited for regions with high wind.
  • Another common style is the flat roof, which is mainly used for commercial buildings since they have zero to none pitch.
  • Next in line is the gambrel roof, or what barn roof the name most people use. While in the past was used for barns, today it is used for residential homes as well since it provides extra storage space.
  • The most difficult to construct is the hip roof, mainly because it has four sloping sides with no vertical roof lines. Hips roofs can be rectangular and square.

Other types are the folded plate roof, butterfly roof, winged gable roof, shed roof, the mansard roof and A-frame roof


  1. Roof materials

Some materials are more fitting in certain situations and scenarios, same applies when choosing a roofing material. Keeping in mind three main roof slops, low slope, steep slope and flat roofs you already know that certain materials were made specifically for that slope. Below are a couple of basic materials used in roofing.

Most common material are asphalt shingles, they are the most popular in the US, and is regularly used on steep slopes.

Another great material is metal, which can be used on any type of roof, all depending to your specific needs of the area you live in. Most popular metal materials are zinc, aluminum, steel, copper and tin.

Slate shingles are made of sedimentary rock which can consequently be split into thin sheets ideal for roofing.

In this whole bunch tile is most expensive material used to roof a house, most tile roofs are made out of clay but there are other materials as well like concrete or metal.

Wood shakes are similar to asphalt shingles, main point is overlapping, which makes the roof system weatherproof. But wood requires a lot more maintenance than the others.


  1. Roof pitch

The last thing on the list is the pitch of a roof. While the easiest to pick from it is a crucial factor in the equation. To say it simply, the slope of the roof dictates everything else that is going around, from drainage options, attic space or how hard is to construct a roof.  There are three main categories of roof slope, flat roof, steep and low slope.

We at Glidehome, follow these steps when talking to our clients about building their house, it is important to realize that some roofing styles are better for some regions than others.


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