Everything you ever wanted to know about sustainable roofing

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There are countless definitions of what sustainable roofing is. It all depends on the individual perception and what is homeowner’s primary goal.  Nature enthusiasts find sustainable roofs to be those who directly help the planet restore its biodiversity and air quality. Other find efficient roofs all those that bring a guaranteed money profit over a longer period. Numerous adjectives go together with the word „roof“ to define a sustainable roof.  It can be both „cold“ or „warm. It could be „energy-efficient,“ „green,“ „eco-friendly“ and create „clean power,“ „free energy,“ „healthier surroundings.“ All these descriptions are just a raw proof that sustainable roofs are roofs with modern technology that brings the best to homeowners and have a beneficial impact on the environment. Some people will fight and claim that sustainable roofs are by far the biggest financial investments. Some will argue that that sum of money could be more useful if homeowners would donate it.  A professional sustainable roof replacement firm in Texas claims that, from a long-term perspective, installing a home improvement is much more efficient for the environment that donating to shady organizations. „ It is the most transparent way you could help the nature,“ they say. „ Simply get a sustainable home improvement and watch your life and the nature transform.“

We’ve done our research as well after talking to local eco friendly roofers in San Antonio. The information we found was shocking. In a right way. There are countless ways how a sustainable roof could help your property, environment and your bank account.  Therefore, the definition of a sustainable roof is:


…that one that both saves and creates.

Energy sustainable roofing systems are those that save and produce energy at the same times. Modern technology allows this to happen through advanced roofing materials such as solar roofing cells or different metals. Annual energy savings are shockingly high, and a household can save up to 50 percent of energy each year after they decide to install a sustainable roofing system. The starting expense is quickly recouped through energy savings.

…the one that takes care of air quality.

Americans spend an enormous amount of energy on air conditioning during hot seasons. Energy efficient and sustainable roofs such as cool roofs help eliminate or reduce heat-island effects. They also influence the quality of air by reducing air pollution.When you look at it in the bigger picture, cool roofs significantly contribute to slowing down global warming.

…the one that doesn’t harm.

Roofing can be a messy job. No matter how hard roofing companies try to eliminate or leave no mess behind, it is inevitable. Anual roofing waste is approximately 40 million tons which means it takes up 5 percent of all solid waste created in the US. Green roofing materials are those that can be reused for different purposes and those that can be recycled. By using eco-friendly roofing materials, we reduce the overall amount of waste in our country.

…the one that lasts.

Fewer roof replacements mean less waste. Eco-friendly roofing options or so-called sustainable roofs are those that last fo the longest. Slate, metal, clay, green roofs- all of these can last from 50 to 100 years with proper maintenance. They are also durable and can withstand any weather conditions, so fewer repairs and money spent as well.