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About Glidehome

After a frustrating experience as being a client looking for a house of her own, Michael found a lack of affordable, well-designed, sustainable alternatives. He decided to do something about it and, back in 2002, founded his own Glidehome Improvement company and began the crusade to create thoughtfully designed, buildings that are eco-friendly but also accessible to most people. Michael as our leader is guiding us through the green design community, and his commitment to sustainable design and living remains constant throughout all of his work.

The work of Glidehome has been widely recognized in publications and broadcasting such as Smithsonian magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, TIME, Money magazine, WIRED, Dwell, Sunset magazine, Architectural Record, Fine Home Building magazine, Residential Architect, NPR, HGTV, Sundance Channel, and many others. Our efforts earned us a place in INC magazine as a leader in the green movement


Our work is currently on display at several museums across the United States. A full-sized replica of the Glidehome is on display as part of the National Building Museum’s Green House exhibit, and the Sunset Breezehouse is currently being featured in a Prefab exhibition at MOCA, Los Angeles. Also we have been included in exhibits at Walker Art Center, Vancouver Art Gallery, Yale Architecture Gallery, and is soon to be part of an exhibit at Virginia Center for Architecture.

Michael has been a key presenter at many conferences including West Coast Green, The Green Construction Conference, USGBC Tampa, Dwell on Design, AIA San Francisco, AIA Minnesota Annual Convention, National Building Museum, Iowa State University, and he was the keynote for the Modular Building Institute’s Green conference. As well is a member of MBI, USGBC, and is on the Advisory Committee for the architecture department at Iowa State University. And  has also taught architecture at Woodbury University and Iowa State University.

Besides, promoting, planning, constructing and building eco-friendly and renweable homes, our mission is to update and improve older homes with newer ideas in order for them to answer the test of time.


What we do at Glide Home?

Although we got numerous prestige awards for our green home project glide home, our focus isn’t solely on green, renewable and eco-friendly homes. Over the years we have tried trimming down the costs of a new eco-friendly house. The company’s engineers and architects are trying to overhaul the complete house building process and implement new modern designs that preserve energy but also your wallet. But still, we can’t build new homes for everyone. Therefore, we are offering and trying to improve existing homes by providing home improvement services to our clients.

No matter how old your home is we can still find something to improve on it. So far our services include:

Constructing a brand new house

Pretty straightforward, a client comes in with their request and idea. Throughout the whole process we are working closely with them, tailoring and building a home depending on their needs and budget. In this new home, we are implementing all of our modern ideas, visions, and plans. So far we have constructed half a dozen of these “new age” homes.

Improving your old home

It all depends on the state of the home; some require a bit more work while others don’t. Again it all comes down to clients needs and wishes. Some just want a new set of windows to preserve more energy and lower energy bills. Some want a new roofing system, but in this case not every home can handle a weight of a brand new roofing system. Usually, with a new roofing system, clients want, some form of renewable energy source to be installed on their roof. In most cases that mean installing solar panels or shingles but in same even a rain collection system. Alongside with roof and window repair or replacement, we offer wall siding replacement. But we aren’t just focused on exterior, real potential to saving money comes from the inside as well, changing the old flooring for a material that doesn’t heat to escape during winter months is a great investment.

While some might think that these tiny and small improvement don’t mean a lot we at Glide Home Improvement like to think otherwise, making small steps like these will help change the people’s mind when it comes to renewable energy and preserving it for future generations.



Contact us if you would like to discuss more about our homes and home improvement. We will contect you with the community and our experts, so that you get the best possible attention and service. Besides that, freely contact us if have any questions, comments or feedback. Simply fill out the contact form found below and we will get back to you.



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