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Designed for clean, simple living, in collaboration with nature, the Glidehome offers an affordable, low-maintenance, and well-designed green housing alternative and improvement. 

Green Living

We understand that development projects require careful consideration, so we work closely with each client to design harmonious environments, considering the outdoor spaces as much as the indoor to create thoughtful spaces between buildings for arrival, community and neighborhood living.

Landscaping and well-placed outdoor rooms are also considered, which “let the green in,” blurring the boundary between the interiors and exteriors, and creating spaces for inspiratin and reflection

From design to construction, we incorporate energy efficient, eco-friendly materials and systems into each design. Thoughtful window/door placement maximizes cross-ventilation and natural lighting, whereby minimizing the need for artificial lighting and climate control.

We can also use healthy finishes such as non-toxic, low VOC paints and formaldehyde-free cabinetry. Water-saving plumbing fixtures, on-demand water heaters, efficient mechanical ventilation systems, and a photovoltaic system can also be included in your design. Through the use of these and other sustainable design methods, we can work with you to achieve Energy Star and LEED ratings.




Mass Customization

In order to achieve the maximum benefits of mass production, repetition is key. However, because we are creating communities for different people with different lifestyles, it is critical to develop homes that are varied as well. Therefore, besides building new homes, we also “update” ones that already are out there. By doing little work on the exterior or interior your old house can be easily liven up.

When we design multi-unit developments, we design the core modules* the same to take advantage of mass production, but then we customize the exterior finishes, and size and roof of the center, so they all appear to be different.




Recent Home Improvement News

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about sustainable roofing



    There are countless definitions of what sustainable roofing is. It all depends on the individual perception and what is homeowner’s primary goal.  Nature enthusiasts find sustainable roofs to be those who directly help the planet restore its biodiversity and air quality. Other find efficient roofs all those that bring a guaranteed money profit over a longer period. Numerous adjectives go together with the word „roof“ to define a sustainable roof.  It can be both „cold“ or „warm. It could be „energy-efficient,“ „green,“ „eco-friendly“ and create „clean power,“ „free energy,“ „healthier surroundings.“ All these descriptions are just a raw proof that sustainable roofs are roofs with modern technology that brings the best to homeowners and have a beneficial impact on the environment. Some people will fight and claim that sustainable roofs are by far the biggest financial investments. Some will argue that that sum of money could be more useful if homeowners would donate it.  A professional sustainable roof replacement firm in Texas claims that, from a long-term perspective, installing a home improvement is much more efficient for the environment that donating to shady organizations. „ It is the most transparent way you could help the nature,“ they say. „ Simply get a sustainable home improvement and watch your life and the nature transform.“

    We’ve done our research as well after talking to local eco friendly roofers in San Antonio. The information we found was shocking. In a right way. There are countless ways how a sustainable roof could help your property, environment and your bank account.  Therefore, the definition of a sustainable roof is:


    …that one that both saves and creates.

    Energy sustainable roofing systems are those that save and produce energy at the same times. Modern technology allows this to happen through advanced roofing materials such as solar roofing cells or different metals. Annual energy savings are shockingly high, and a household can save up to 50 percent of energy each year after they decide to install a sustainable roofing system. The starting expense is quickly recouped through energy savings.

    …the one that takes care of air quality.

    Americans spend an enormous amount of energy on air conditioning during hot seasons. Energy efficient and sustainable roofs such as cool roofs help eliminate or reduce heat-island effects. They also influence the quality of air by reducing air pollution.When you look at it in the bigger picture, cool roofs significantly contribute to slowing down global warming.

    …the one that doesn’t harm.

    Roofing can be a messy job. No matter how hard roofing companies try to eliminate or leave no mess behind, it is inevitable. Anual roofing waste is approximately 40 million tons which means it takes up 5 percent of all solid waste created in the US. Green roofing materials are those that can be reused for different purposes and those that can be recycled. By using eco-friendly roofing materials, we reduce the overall amount of waste in our country.

    …the one that lasts.

    Fewer roof replacements mean less waste. Eco-friendly roofing options or so-called sustainable roofs are those that last fo the longest. Slate, metal, clay, green roofs- all of these can last from 50 to 100 years with proper maintenance. They are also durable and can withstand any weather conditions, so fewer repairs and money spent as well.

  • Pros and cons of metal roofing


    We already spoke about green and sustainable roofing options here on GlideHome, and we mostly focused on purely green and solar roofs that provide direct energy from the environment. Solar and green roof technologies are, at the moment, the best of what market offers that has a label of eco-friendly. However, many other roofing options are just as environmentally responsible and beneficial that are neglected. Living sustainably does not have to mean buying the most expensive solar array or a wind generator. There are a bunch of eco-friendly features for your home that is also helpful. However, it is true that roof plays a major role in the overall energy efficiency of your home.

    One of the most underrated roofing systems is metal roofing. Metal roofing has been used for centuries, and it is still leading roofing option in the commercial roofing.  There are numerous reasons why. Metal brings a bunch of benefits to a homeowner that decides to install it. However, only a few property owners indeed consider metal roofing. That is because metal is mostly used on ugly commercial buildings so people aren’t even aware of the possibility that metal could be their roofing material.

    Thanks to the green movement, more and more people are considering various roofing options that help save energy and do not harm the environment. Metal is one of them as it offers superb protection and energy savings. The fundamental properties depend on the type of metal you choose for your roof. You can install copper, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, basic steel, etc. Each metal has its own properties. For example,  copper is the oldest metal in use. It is high-end material, and as such, it is very expensive. However, it truly provides your home with high protection, and it ages to perfection. Aluminum and steel cost less but also have great properties that help you save energy.


    Energy efficiency

    If you are wondering how metal can help your home be energy efficient, stay with us.

    Conventional roofing materials  (like asphalt) absorb the heat from the sun. That causes overheating of your basement and home in general. Except for deterioration of the roof deck, the heat also requires more air conditioning.  Constant air conditioning causes high costs of electricity you have to deal with monthly.

    Metal does the complete opposite. Instead of trapping the heat and making your home an oven, metal is reflective. Reflective surface means the heat won’t be absorbed but re-emitted to the atmosphere again. Therefore, your home will not demand air conditioning, and you will save energy and money.  The metal roof is not cheap but compared to other sustainable roofing materials; it is the most affordable eco-friendly material. According to Max owner of Lawrenceville roofing company, for the price you pay, you get long lasting roofing system, a durable roof that is able to withstand almost all weather conditions and energy efficient properties that help you save energy.

    Your money will be quickly recouped through energy savings, so give metal a chance and be surprised!


    By insulating your roof save some energy and money…

    As you know Glidehome tries to give you the best green and eco-friendly solutions that are still in the frame of a typical budget and are accessible to the majority of people.  Our whole team tries to come up with new ideas to help you have amazing looking home and save some money on the way. Acording to David, a roofing contractor Atlanta, one of the probably most neglected topics in the green building is the roof insulation.

    Many homeowners are not even aware of the effect that roof insulation has. First of all it is quite an easy process, and some parts of insulation can be even done by you. Secondly, it is an effective way of saving energy. You are probably not aware of this fact but around 30 percent of energy goes through your roof. That means that you basically throw away perfectly usable energy that you will also pay higher bills for. Roof insulation could help you save a big amount of money and you just don’t even know it. That is why we decided to introduce you to roof insulation and everything there is to know related to that. So, keep reading and find out how you can make your home more energy efficient!


    Energy is money

    Time is money, we are aware of that, but energy is money as well! If you reduce the amount of energy that is lost through your roof, you are automatically cutting the prices of your bills. The sum of money that you can save by insulating your home is different from each house and it depends on the size and the type of your house and roofing system.

    Be careful of your type of roof

    While insulation is a relatively easy process, there are still some things you should take care of before installing it. The biggest problem you should deal with is the type of roof you have.  If you have a pitched roof then you will have more options for insulating and if you are the owner of a flat roof, then your contractor will face some challenges. But everything can be achieved!

    The Cool Roofing Company is Top Commercial And Industrial Flat Roofing Company who deals with Insulation and Ventilation In Atlant, East Point, College Park, Forest Park, Lake City, Gresham Park, Mableton, Austell, Smyrna, Vinnigs, Brookhaven, Decatur, North Druid Hills, Union City

    Types of insulation

    As we just said, a pitched roof is the best for insulating. If you are a homeowner with that roofing type then you can choose between having a cold or warm loft. A cold loft is a process in which you can insulate right away above the ceiling of the highest story. This way, no heat could get inside your loft. On the other hand, a warm loft is when you insulate under the roof itself. This way your loft will be warm.

    Prices of insulating

    Prices of insulation can, of course, vary.  There are some options for insulations that are relatively cheap and some that are higher in price. Some insulation can be even done if you engage in doing so as well. DIY projects can be an excellent way to save money. However, it could be a better idea to call a professional, especially if you have a bigger roof surface. The cheaper insulating option is the cool loft option. You can do it yourself or call someone to do it for you. A warm loft is more complicated and higher in price. However, it performs better and can last you a long time.

    No matter which insulation you decide to install, make sure you do! It will do a great thing to your bank account and nature as well!


  • Get your green energy business growing

    The Perfect Routine To Popularize Your Green Energy Website

    When you’re running a green energy information site, you can engage many different tools to help you. In order to attract more attention to a site, take advantage of using online marketing through search engines and social networking. Peruse these handy strategies and keep them in mind so you can make your green energy project website successful.

    You should think about contracting an architect who can make a professional looking site for you. Be extra careful to have a detailed list of what you want the site to consist of. You are sure to get the results you envision if you take the time to create a detailed plan before you start. Investigate the most recent green energy information sites the designer has published.

    The most popular sites on the world wide web look great and are also very well managed. If you ask a professional green energy information site designer, he/she will advise you never to use offbeat fonts, crazy color schemes, or a plethora of graphics that contend for the attention of the visitor. Before you distribute your web page, make certain to edit it for just about any spelling or linguistic blunders. Visitors to your site who see blunders in grammar or spelling have good reason to question your competence and professionalism.

    Before you open your online shop, make sure you have the funds to acquire the services of a good quality server and hosting firm for your green energy information site. In simultaneity with the use of a great server, securing the services of a top-quality web hosting firm will impeccably help the operation of your online site. If there is no adequate technology in the host company, you could expect your site to have regular problems. If your green energy project website loads slowly or incorrectly, it may be time to change hosting companies.

    All successful green energy information sites will continue to gather subscribers and build their lists of e-mail addresses. The addresses on your electronic mail list can turn into customers, therefore the more you gather and draw to your site, the better. The most successful green energy websites were among the first to realize the true value of electronic mail to their marketing plans. Email opt-in forms should appear on each landing page on your site.

    Requiring your customers to register on your green energy information site should be a simple and quick process. You need to collect your customers’ contact and billing info, and that’s why you should include registration on your site. Even though merely a few visitors will take you up on the offer, you should provide them with the chance to register in a few different places on your green  energy project website. Offer gifts to people who join to encourage more people to register, and even offer gifts for referral customers that join.

  • Finding customers with your website

    Recommended Better Ways To Market Your Home Inspection Business

    Profitability in the home inspection service business world takes the right balance of caution and calculated risks. Before you start a business, research everything you can. Careful planning and a clear focus should help to ensure sucess. You should consider these helpful tips on methods of growing your business.

    Your home inspection service business needs to have a website to compete in today’s business world, and you should make it as professional looking as possible. Find a great website designer if you are not in the position to design a great site yourself. Attractive templates and stunning images can make your webpage more pleasing. The more attractive a site is, the more successful it will probably be. It’s extremely important to have a great website in today’s business world and also ensure your present home improvement web is active and attractive.

    Customer service is a vital skill for just about any home inspection service business owner or employee. Feeling relaxed and appreciated are things your customers should always feel. Instructing workers on how to interact with customers is one of the most vital parts of their employee training. Any training expense is a worthwhile investment in customer satisfaction and the growth of your business.

    Successful businesses need time to become established and find their focus. Home inspection company owners might only be successful if they are willing to devote an amazing amount of effort and dedication to building a profitable home inspection company. Be understanding and stay concentrated on your primary targets as you experience the principal calm period that a considerable measure of home inspection service centers have a tendency to confront. Disappointment can come about every time a proprietor neglects to focus on their home inspection service business as it develops and extends.

    Experiencing the job in the real world is certainly the most advisable method of learning the skills needed to succeed in the home inspection service business world. If your desire is to really become knowledgeable about the business world, there’s no better way to do it but by investing in your personal development through work experience. All of your cumulative knowledge and experience from previous jobs can help you become successful as a business owner. Home inspection books and online blog posts about various relevant topics are a great source of basic info, but your real skills will be learned through hands-on experience.

    With a particular end goal to guarantee that lawful issues do not do damage to your association, guarantee that you have documented all state and central government shapes and that you have a fundamental learning of home inspection service business law before opening the ways to your business. Should you lack a basic understanding when it involves business law, you should consult with an attorney who specializes in this field. Having legal problems can put your business at risk. As an entrepreneur, realize that your legal representative can be your best friend and most valued asset.

  • Getting the best out of your website

    Popular Home Improvement Blog Management – How To Save Yourself From Frustration

    For your home improvement products review website to be highly efficient, you need to complete your research and think carefully about targeting your particular demographic. Identifying those groups which patronize your business will aid you in developing ad campaigns. Without these components, your website will probably be confusing to visitors. We invite you to read through our writing to garner advice on the creation of your home improvement tips site.

    Setting up a forum on your home improvement products review website is a cost – effective way to acquire new, relevant content. Steady guest remarks to your new discussion will permit your webpage to keep developing and changing without you doing all the work yourself. When individuals choose to comment on your webpage, it not only creates new opportunities for discussion, it can help you monitor what people think about your content. Search engines can pick up a website forum that has continuous original content being created.

    In web site design, everyone knows the most important thing is speed. If you work with a high-caliber web host, it can improve your site’s speed of operation. To optimize your home improvement products review website’s functionality and speed, consider using CSS. If you’re employing a website designer, you need to ask him or her carefully about boosting page load speed.

    The white spaces should never be neglected when creating a home improvement products review website. Limited time pictures and ads can be utilized to fill in these white ranges. With a particular end goal to produce new activity to your webpage, it is urgent to have your advancements legitimately shown. In order to maintain visitors on a website, you have to have a clean design.

    Inspect patterns in your industry to figure out what substance is most reasonable for your home improvement products review website. You don’t need to be a world-class writer to develop your own content, but you do need to write from your own unique perspective. Search engines are always looking for original and unique content and you should incorporate it on your website daily. There’re lots of great freelance SEO content writers if you are not interested in developing your own content.

    If you let your regular visitors personalize a profile on your site, they’re more likely to turn into regular guests. Your guests will feel more connected if you encourage them to upload videos and photos, and to share information that can interest other visitors to your site. The relationship that exists between your clients and your brand will grow more and be solidified when you allow them an opportunity to create a personal profile. Consider one of a kind thoughts like photograph challenges as an approach to acquire more customers. Of course, at the moment our home improvement website doesn’t have all the elements mentioned here but over a period of time we’ll surely slowly implement them in order to give you the best user experience.

  • About solar roofing in Savannah


    As a society, we have become highly addicted to energy sources that are not renewable. We are massively exploiting foreign countries in order to provide our whole country with energy. In this process, we are also ruining nature. Instead of spending so much money and time on either exploiting the unrenewable source of energy or constantly trying to think of new ones, why don’t we focus a bit on those sources that are right in front of us? We are talking about the Sun. We neglect Sun often even though we could not live without it. One of many, many ways how to properly use sun’s energy is the solar roofing. To illustrate how good and useful solar roofing is, we are going to describe how it works and why you should implement it to your house.

    South Shore Roofing | Roof Leak Repairs | Best Roof Repair Company | Affordable Residential Roof Repair | Leaking Roof Detection Contractor in Savannah, Bloomingdale, Garden, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Thunderbolt, Montgomery, Georgetown, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island and Skidaway Island

    How does the solar roof work?

    Acording to words from Kyle a roofing contractor in Savannah, GA solar roofing is a relatively new roofing technology. Green roofing is a great trend, but solar roofing is even more outstanding than the green roofing. Solar roof’s technology is not something completely new. Solar roof panels can be made into solar shingles and tiles. Those can be designed to look like any other more popular type of roofing. Solar panels are actually used on commercial buildings on facades or the roofs. They have a special cell technology. Panels are either covered in thin-film solar cells, or they consist of water-based silicon solar cells. The other option has to be protected additionally from moisture. Solar roofing can make your home look amazing because is is often in dark color. The panels have been cut into tiles to allows not only commercial buildings to use this technology but also residential real estates. Solar roofing is increasing in popularity all around the US. Due to its technology in which they use sunlight to produce more energy and heat.

    South Shore Roofing | Roof Leak Repairs | Best Roof Repair Company | Affordable Residential Roof Repair | Leaking Roof Detection Contractor in Savannah, Bloomingdale, Garden, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Thunderbolt, Montgomery, Georgetown, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island and Skidaway Island

    What solar roof brings you

    Except for the amazing looks, solar tiles also provide you with free electricity and heat for your home. This means that you will no longer have to pay high electricity and heating bills. Installing this new kind of roof will cost you depending on where you live. Usually, they are charged per watt. Even though solar roofs can be quite a big starting expense, in the long term they seriously pay off. You will save money on repairs because the solar roof doesn’t need them almost at all, you will save money on the replacement because this roof will last you for a very, very long time and you will save money on the bills. Maintenance is almost non-existent when it comes to solar roofs because they are very durable and strong. That is why you will also not have to spend money on replacement because it is a very long lasting roofing option.  Solar roofing is, therefore, a very smart investment. Except for you, the environment will profit also. This roof helps minimize the ecological problems we meet with every day and helps use the energy that we can’t run off. To conclude, this is simply how you get the best of both worlds; great looking roof with beautiful eco-friendly properties.


  • Renewable roofing solutions in Oklahoma City

    Eco-friendly roofing materials

    The world progresses daily. There are so many innovations that cover every single aspect of our life and aim to make it even better. In addition to that, new ways are being thought of daily that could not only improve your lifestyle, but could also increase the general living standards. Humanity in general is well-aware of the major problem we have caused due to our lack of knowledge. The impact we’ve managed to leave on Earth is immense, ranging from holes in the ozone layer to the phenomena of urban heat islands. Luckily, we are finally aware of the consequences and are actively working towards minimizing the damage. Eco-friendly materials are being used wherever they fit, which can be especially noticeable in the roofing industry.

    Choice Roofing| Insulated Metal Roofing Residential Options| Low Slope Residential Roofing Services & Company | Replacing Residential Roof in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Jones, Choctaw, Harrah, Del City, Midwest City, Moore, Norman, Newcastle, Tuttle, Mustang, Yukon, Piedmont, El Reno, Blanchard, Bethany, and Hall Park

    Eco-friendly roofing systems

    Although the most commonly seen material in residential roofing systems is still asphalt, that’s mainly due to the huge amount of household applying that low-cost, durable material over the years of modern roofing industry. Many of those systems have been and will be replaced in the nearer future as the trend of eco-friendly solutions expands and becomes the common choice.

    Since many eco-friendly solutions in existence are relatively new, they have certain enhanced features, such as complete immunity to hail damage, extended lifespan, low-level maintenance and affordability.

    When it comes to the eco-friendly roofing systems, there are a lot of options to choose from. The most popular choice are the recycled shingles. They can be made out of a wide array of materials: plastic, wood, rubber etc. and are considered to be extremely durable.

    Wooden shingles and shakes have always been a popular choice. The main difference between the wooden roofing systems from the past and those from the today is in the material used. The first one is usually made of older wood, which has increased susceptibly to fire. Today, there are options that can guarantee sustainable growth and local production.


    Metal roofing systems are rapidly increasing in popularity. At the very least, they always include even a small portion of recycled material. Not only that, but the entire roofing system can be recycled once its reached the end of its lifetime. Metal roofs are extremely durable and resistant to fire, and can last up to 50 years when maintained properly.

    Being a company that always strives to provide the perfect service, Choice Roofing, a who is an Oklahoma city roofing contractor, offers a whole package of eco-friendly materials. Our materials are completely environmentally friendly. The techniques we use represent the cutting edge of roofing technology. We are constantly working towards improving every aspect of our service, ranging from our professional, educated employees to our exceptional customer service. By choosing us, you are not only choosing quality, you are working towards making the world a better place for many generations to come. Choice Roofing offers a roofing experience, the embodiment of the ideal roofing company, focused on working TOGETHER with our clients to create the perfect, individual, eco-friendly roofing system of your dreams.

    It’s about time to step up and raise the bar. Invest into yourself and into your future by choosing our eco-friendly, affordable, premium roofing solutions.

    Choice Solutions – Roofing and Exteriors

    2410 W. Memorial Road, Suite C #621

    Oklahoma City, OK, 73134, USA

    Phone: (405) 443-4747
    Phone: (817) 231-0809
    Phone: (405) 562-3575

  • What you should know about green roofing technology

    When we started our project in 2005. we still did not know of many easy ways to preserve Mother Nature. With gradual education we now want to give to you what we learned and we’ve learned a lot on how to take care of our environment without too much work, time or money. Because we live in an era where profit is the main goal, we are aware that our solutions need to be as simple and as effective as possible. So, instead of teaching you complicated building measures that we know you will lose interest in, we will try to acquire you with something easy. No one has extra money and time to lose so it’s important to get educated on how things can get done fast and eco-friendly. That’s where we step in. As many of our blog posts, this one will too make sure you get the point of green building. Since we live in the 21st century, it is quite silly that we still don’t recognize how we can merge ecology and nature with technology without harming one or neglecting another. A great example for that is green roof technology. Even though it sounds impossible, green roofing is a thing, and it’s an important thing. It is something that works like  a domino effect when it comes to the environment; it helps cleaning the air, water, therefore improving our quality of life.

    Little bit about the structure

    We have partnered with a roofing company from Houston TX on this project and they told us when it comes to technology and structure of this roof; it is unique. What makes it unique are its layers. Every single layer has a purpose, and one can not work properly without another. When they are combined, they make your green roof compact, waterproof and safe. First out of all of them is the vegetation. Doesn’t that alone sound fantastic? We didn’t even get to the next layer, and it already looks promising for nature. Except mentioned, doesn’t a green surface add that certain „something“ to the overall look of your house? We think it’s bright clear that the visual appearance of this kind of roofing technology is amazing.  Don’t get overwhelmed already; we still have a few layers to go. There are seven layers left. Under the mentioned green surface there has to be something that will keep it healthy and fresh. This is why you contractor will put engineered soil below the green surface. It makes the roof compact and dense. Considering that one of the layers is the drainage system, there has to be something that will ensure that the soil doesn’t clog it. This is why a separation fabric is put right underneath the engineered soil. To make sure there won’t be any leaks because of the excess water but also to be certain that the plants have enough of hydration, an inevitable part of this construction is the drainage system. There is another layer that is put; another fabric. You want to keep your house free of leaks and destruction, and this is why the protection fabric is a must. It promises that the drainage system will be protected from any physical harm that may happen in the process of rebuilding. The last layer that is put on to the roof base is a waterproof membrane. Because of the fact that it’s not biodegradable, it guarantees you a safe roof, but just in case, it is covered with a roof barrier.

    Anchor Roofing | Commercial Metal Roofing Systems | Commercial Metal Roofing companies | Metal Roof for Commercial Building in Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, Mission Bend


    All this was interesting, but let’s face it; you want to know the good stuff, the savings stuff. Well, here’s the thing; Invest now, save later. This means that even though implementing this kind of roof can be pricey; it saves you so much money in a long run. This type of roof is an isolator which means that it will cut your bills for heating in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. Next off, longevity and durability is a big plus. It has a long lifespan, and you will not have to pay for repairments after every storm. If you will, however, decide to sell your real estate, remember; this type of roof adds value to your home. Now when all human interest benefits are satisfied let’s talk a little about environment benefits. This investment reduces carbon monoxide influence and „heat island“ effect which are the main environmental problems that destroy the rest of nature. Another amazing ability it has is neutralizing acid rain which ruins a lot of green surfaces all over the world. Biological diversity is endangered and by implementing this type of roof we help to improve biological balance.

    Anchor Roofing | Commercial Metal Roofing Systems | Commercial Metal Roofing companies | Metal Roof for Commercial Building in Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Baytown, Conroe, Deer Park, Friendswood, Galveston, Lake Jackson, La Porte, League City, Missouri City, Pearland, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Texas City, Atascocita, Kingwood, Channelview, Mission Bend

    What we are trying to say is…

    To conclude; we can put this article into to three words; think long term. Everything needs patience and we are aware of that. That’s why the green roof is the right step for us. It stands for a gradual and slow transition to a more ecologically conscious society we all hope to live in. We fully trust in the future of green roofing technology, and we hope that you will support it too.


  • Three factors when buidling a new roof

    If you are building a house, having a good solid foundations can make up for some mistakes later on. But as we continue building our home, we have to pick a roofing option as well, although to an amateur eye that might seem like a simple process but picking the correct styles can be a bit difficult. Below you will find some of the most common roofing types and styles that we at Glidehome like to use when building houses.

    In order to have the best roofing for your home you should keep in mind three categories:

    1. Roof styles

    Depending on the area in which you live, there are several different styles that provide shelter from the specific weather conditions. Alongside, that, a good roofing system has to house internal elements as well like piping, ventilation and insulation. Therefore there are several types or roof.

    • Gabel roof is a type of roof a kid would draw in their drawings, it is shaped like inverted letter V and it is quite common across the US. But it isn’t best suited for regions with high wind.
    • Another common style is the flat roof, which is mainly used for commercial buildings since they have zero to none pitch.
    • Next in line is the gambrel roof, or what barn roof the name most people use. While in the past was used for barns, today it is used for residential homes as well since it provides extra storage space.
    • The most difficult to construct is the hip roof, mainly because it has four sloping sides with no vertical roof lines. Hips roofs can be rectangular and square.

    Other types are the folded plate roof, butterfly roof, winged gable roof, shed roof, the mansard roof and A-frame roof


    1. Roof materials

    Some materials are more fitting in certain situations and scenarios, same applies when choosing a roofing material. Keeping in mind three main roof slops, low slope, steep slope and flat roofs you already know that certain materials were made specifically for that slope. Below are a couple of basic materials used in roofing.

    Most common material are asphalt shingles, they are the most popular in the US, and is regularly used on steep slopes.

    Another great material is metal, which can be used on any type of roof, all depending to your specific needs of the area you live in. Most popular metal materials are zinc, aluminum, steel, copper and tin.

    Slate shingles are made of sedimentary rock which can consequently be split into thin sheets ideal for roofing.

    In this whole bunch tile is most expensive material used to roof a house, most tile roofs are made out of clay but there are other materials as well like concrete or metal.

    Wood shakes are similar to asphalt shingles, main point is overlapping, which makes the roof system weatherproof. But wood requires a lot more maintenance than the others.


    1. Roof pitch

    The last thing on the list is the pitch of a roof. While the easiest to pick from it is a crucial factor in the equation. To say it simply, the slope of the roof dictates everything else that is going around, from drainage options, attic space or how hard is to construct a roof.  There are three main categories of roof slope, flat roof, steep and low slope.

    We at Glidehome, follow these steps when talking to our clients about building their house, it is important to realize that some roofing styles are better for some regions than others.